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We don't skimp on those behind-the-scenes details that are essential to your online marketing efforts.

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Content Management System (CMS)

The foundation of our website creations, Joomla®, is one of the world's top open-source CMS applications. We've been developing with it for over 13 years because it has the best combination of flexibility and ease-of-use. No matter how much your business grows, this is the last platform you will ever need. And from the start, you will be able to edit your site as you browse it. As an open-source app, Joomla is free and can run on any server with the required specifications.
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Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee our sites look and perform flawlessly for every visitor, we test them on all major browsers and all the different screen sizes and devices. They are speed tested. This is important not only for user-friendliness, search engines take note and will penalize a site for poor performance. We also implement a security firewall and monitor suspicious activity.  
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Whether you know from the start that you want to sell directly from your site, or you decide to do it later, we can add a customized solution to meet your needs. You can sell products, services, subscriptions and/or downloadable items. We can integrate your online store with all major shippers and payment gateways. And because it's all built on an open-source platform, there are no fees other than for credit cards charges.
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Support, Training, Maintenance & Hosting

Our support and site maintenance services are as flexible as our CMS. You can manage everything yourself, or have us take care of it. We provide training to get you going. And then we are there when you need us. There is no monthly service fee to have us make edits, changes or updates. You are billed only for the time to complete the work. Rock-solid and dependable site hosting is also available.
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Need a website that can do more? If you can dream it, we can build it!

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