BOSTON - is the marketing website for the online benefit-cost and impact analysis tools created by Economic Development Research Group. "TREDIS® is the transportation economics suite ... It is the only system applicable for all modes – covering passenger and freight transport via aviation, marine and rail modes, as well as truck, car, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian travel. In today’s world, the interactions among modes can be important considerations affecting transportation plans and economic impacts" - from Product Overview.

Project Description

This project brought the CMS platform up to date while giving the site a fresh look and adding responsive design for better compatibility with smart phones and other devices of any screen size. A slide show feature was added to introduce key features of the software and add visual interest. We designed the logo while creating a previous version of the site.

Site Features

  • Joomla!® Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Slide Show
  • Integrated SEO Tools
  • Logo Design