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When we opened for business in 1995 the internet was very different from today. Websites were static HTML pages and interactivity had to be custom-coded. Google didn't exist yet. Most web design agencies were run by IT specialists. We prospered as a design-oriented company. Luckily, we had enough "brick and mortar" clients to survive the dot-com bust of 2000.

Today there are many more website design and digital marketing companies. There are many online services to help with all aspects of digital marketing. You can even build your own site using free open-source content management systems.


All of this new technology is a great thing that can empower your business. The problem is that building a successful business website and marketing strategy is more complex than ever. It may be easy to build a website using one of many services available, however, it isn't easy to make it achieve all of your business goals. And hiring a website design agency and/or subscribing to the many digital marketing services can be expensive.


We have evolved to address these issues that small businesses face. After working with many companies, we understand the need for quality content creation and focused branding in addition to website design and development because all three are necessary for success. This approach produces a solid foundation that can be enhanced over time instead of starting from scratch. That will help keep costs under control. Other ways we control costs include adding functionality for many marketing tasks into your website reducing the need for third-party services and by providing low-cost support services that keep your revenue generating marketing efforts on track.

We offer experienced, professional and customized services to provide the fundamentals you need for a solid digital marketing foundation.



  1. Experience – we have over 23 years of experience designing, developing business websites and digital marketing.
  2. Easy to work with – our clients are very busy running their business so we make the process as easy as possible for them without compromising the results.
  3. Content Management System – we use and provide training for world-class, mature, free and open-source platforms like Joomla and Magento.
  4. Affordability – our free quotes contain a detailed list of services for a reasonable fee with no surprises or additional costs.
  5. Long-term support – our clients value having an expert just a phone call or email away for advice and help with everything related to their site and digital marketing efforts.



davidsoens73Dave Soens has completed hundreds of site designs and online marketing projects for a wide variety of businesses. He started his career and worked several years as a graphic designer until the internet happened. While designing and developing business websites Dave started learning about marketing and business management, as well as SEO and content management in a hands-on and problem-solving way. He was able to see how all aspects of digital marketing work together and how to prioritize them to form an efficient, no-nonsense approach. He continues to work directly with every client. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Arts from Wisconsin and a Graphic Design Certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art.

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